Pop up shop in the heart of Folkestone’s creative quarter

Pop up shop folkestone creative quarter Eight squared gallery in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter beautifully Illustration by Ben Baudry.

Objects of Desire


Pop up shop details:

27- 29 October & 3-5 November 2023 Fri-Sun 10-5pm
Eight Squared Gallery 64 Old High Street Folkestone Kent CT20 1RN
My opening drinks HAPPILY coincides with @lastfridaysfolk so there will be lots going on across the creative quarter, performances, exhibitions & music.  

About the pop up shop in the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

Looking forward to holding my first pop up in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. I have heard so many good things about the Old High Street with its colourful buildings and cobbled street that I knew I had to be a part of it!

I am setting up my ‘Objects of Desire’ at the bijou Eight squared gallery with its fantastic floor to ceiling window looking out to the street. To make the most of it we have created a structure to fit so that I can hang all my beautiful chandeliers and lights in the windows to create a magical window display. I will be selling jewellery and lighting from all my collections with a brand new batch of Ambrosia jewellery. A small sample of which is pictured below.

pop up shop in folkestone's creative quarter

Things to do and see in Folkestone.

I visited Folkestone yesterday while the sun was shinning between the down pours to do some flyering in and around the Quarter. I was on a slight voyage of discovery having only been to Folkestone twice before and what a treat it was to meet so many warm and genuine independent businesses.

Here are a few of my favourites that I think you may also like to visit: Starting back to front, as that’s how I like to do things.

THE POTTING SHED: round the corner at the very top of the old high street. It has a great mix of curated vintage pieces along with a secret cocktail bar out the back through…. Yes, you’ve guessed it, a bookcase. I do LOVE an interior with a quirk.

THE BEER SHOP: next door. Beer (obviously) all from independent and Kentish suppliers.

STEEP STREET: Tea & cake (or coffee) halfway down the old high street.

EMERALD FAERIE: I am near the bottom of the hill, there is also an art gallery opposite and a Banksy!

ANTIK: will be my pop up neighbour, (also popping up for 2 weeks) selling vintage homewares, furniture etc

Then of course there is the Harbour arm market with loads of small independent creatives, coffee shops & bars. Plus, the old train station & track you can walk along. You can do a great walk and promenade to the lower leas costal park and could even keep on walking along the seafront (or drive) which leads me to Sandgate….

The potting shed folkestone antique shop and bar The potting shed folkestone antique shop and bar

Things to do and see in Sandgate.

I have just discovered SANDGATE and I am totally smitten with the place. It is just a small high street, but full of interesting architectural buildings each one with its own character, set against the wide-open expanse of the sea and sky. With a growing community of independent businesses- you can see a theme running here. There are a handful of old school junk/antique shops with beautiful frontages, you know the ones with everything piled high you wonder how anyone could ever get in the shop, let a lone look around it?! I am like a moth to a flame! There is even a cockatoo in the window, which I think if I was to start collecting, I might never stop. I would have to create a dedicated ‘bird room’ in the house. But I’m not sure how that would go down….

Sandgate-junkshop-piled-high Sandgate junk shop piled high

Moving on… here are a couple of my favourites:

JOHN DORY: A fantastic wine shop & small plates which is well worth the walk or drive.

WORKSHOP NUMBER 29: A fab architectural salvage shop with beautiful things who have made a point of stocking and selling the work of local-ish (Kent based) makers. Who knows maybe they might stock some of my wirework lampshades. They don’t exist but I can see them in my mind.